Our Story

As marketers ourselves, BigPixure was born out of our own frustration over how much time & effort it takes to figure out what's actually working across myriad marketing activities (and channels).

What's actually driving sales? What's holding us back? And what are we not seeing?

There didn't seem to be any solution that answered those questions by default... it was always a matter of building out yet another segment, or creating the 10,000th spreadsheet.

And so the idea took shape. Initially as an internal toolset for other projects - and then with the intention of going to market.

Fast-forward to today, and BigPixure is on the precipice of helping to spearhead an entirely new category in Marketing Tech: automatically-surfaced insights from big data.

At the end of the day, we're really just marketing geeks, and we love what we do. We've always been the scrappy little kid against the proverbial Goliath in our various businesses - and we're passionate about helping others on the same path. 

We're excited to see how our platform can impact your story :-)